Sound Work


Photograph by Stephen Molyneux at the 2014 Goldrush Music Festival

I have been recording and performing DIY music for over two decades. I am influenced in equal parts by musique concrète and early 4AD ethereal records. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some wonderful individuals who have supported me through the network of underground music and art. Labels like No Kings, Patient Sounds, Cached, Students of Decay, Digitalis, Hooker Vision, Preservation, Stunned, and others have released my music in small editions throughout the years. I have a strong belief in the power of physical music objects to create a personal, transcendent, and sacred experience with the listener. That is why you will find me continuing to work with archaic media like cassettes and vinyl.

I started the project Sparkling Wide Pressure in 2006 to explore lo-fidelity dream pop and abstract folk music. In 2020 I decided to begin a shadow-project called Night Sky Body to explore a more deliberately discordant sound with a rougher edge. It some ways this harkens back to my youth spent in a 90’s goth band in Tennessee. Both projects revolve around my continued obsession with surrealist techniques and crafting an idiosyncratic approach to sound and music.

Bandcamp (as Night Sky Body)

Discography (as Sparkling Wide Pressure)

Bandcamp (as Sparkling Wide Pressure)